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Weekending: Saturday 2008 07 05


Location: Dhaka

Aziz has finished the ICAI training with a graduation event on 3rd July. He is now visiting Toronto, he will meet Jo and Wayne and also some saffs of ICA Canada on 6-7 July. He got appointment to meet at IDRF in Toronto on 7 July. In Montreal, he attended some institutes and cenetrs. He had a meeting with FEM International - an international NGO working with women and International Center for the Prevention of Crime, Mc Gill University Sociology Department, Concrdia University Sociology, Geography and Political Science Department.

Aziz had very learningful time with non-ICA faculties-Willy and Stephans this week. Three ICA members enlisted for Social Artistry Leadership Training in Nepal to be held during 16-24 July.




The 7th Global Conference on Human Development

As of Friday, we have 60 registrations!

Shizuyo and colleagues went to Takayama and talked with the JC chairman and the vice chairman of the chamber of Commerce.  They were pleased to hear about conference and they will discuss with their members how they can help at the conference. We visited with the man who will be in charge of the facility design and they are fully supporting us from the Earth Wisdom Center.  Eleven site visit locations were confirmed including a visit with school children.

Mr. Obata has some of the Japanese leaders in the medical field planning to come to the conference.  He is working diligently on writing great breakthrough questions for the focus arenas.

Kayo Goda wrote a manual for space usage and leaderships roles.  Mr. Fukushima presented the Japanese final brochure, and Megumi presented a 90 second invitational video we will put on the Japanese web site.

Partnership Projects

Wayne received commitments for a grant for Kenya of 2,000,000 yen, and another grant for Mexico for USD4000, and have others working.  Eiki is struggling with how to handle Vietnam government registration concerns imposed after the lake water cleanup project was already begun.

Wayne Ellsworth


Location: Kathmandu

This week ICA Nepal conducted book exhibition, art exhibition and youth conference which was attended by hundreds of people. As ICA Nepal is approaching 10 th years of anniversary, this year it will be conducting a series of activities to mark it's anniversary. The programmes were conducted for 3 days. In the book exhibition, along with ICA, there were other 20 organisations and in the art exhibition 10 different artists took part with more than 100 pieces of art.

On July 5, ICA also distributed micro grants to 30 persons to implement their Social Artistry projects. The receipients will implement the project within 3 months. This was carried out with the support of International Institute of Social Artistry.

Atma Ram Upadhaya           ica@icanep.wlink.com.np


Location: Peru

Jesusa Aburto and Alison Hamje closed a couple of 3-week Avanza Peru Community Leadership Training Programs plus two 2-day courses in the field, all sponsored by two companies to assist the communities where their workers live.  This is the reward for 18 months of consistent marketing and represents just the beginning of the potential of this ongoing source of programming.

Meanwhile, the Chincha Community Kitchens project moved past 100 smokeless stoves installed and saw the first of six Community Center buildings taking form with the foundation and columns in place.  Once again we are seeing the excitement and impact of putting 60 well-trained Promoters in the field implementing week-by-week a detailed plan to dramatically improve the daily food services of 9,000 families.  A truly remarkable site to see!

Staff           admin@ica-peru.org


Location: UK

Most of this week has been taken up with our quarterly staff meeting in Manchester at which Martin, Clare, Amelia and Jonathan focused on the exciting task of finalising our next 3-year strategy, building on input from  a wide range of stakeholders. This will be presented to our Board for approval at their next meeting on the 16th July. Once approved we will share it with our partners and the wider network.

Jonathan Dudding


Location: Montréal

This past week in Montreal was another exciting one as participants in the international training programme came back together for a final week of workshops and discussions designed to help them strengthen their national organizations. Special guests were welcomed to discuss partnerships, leadership and communication and further discussions were held on budgeting and policy engagement.

The final week wasn’t all work though, as participants also had the opportunity to enjoy some warm summer weather in Montréal and free outdoor concerts at the Montréal International Jazz festival.

The training programme closed with a lovely ceremony where participants honoured their own contributions as well as the contributions of their co-participants. We are sad to say goodbye to the participants and will miss the extra energy, ideas and lively discussion in the office. We feel incredibly grateful , though, to have had the chance to learn with and from the participants, to strengthen our professional relationships and develop strong friendships within this extraordinary group.

We look forward to welcoming Jane back to the office after a few weeks on leave and moving forward with many exciting projects, both existing and new.

Michael           info@ica-international.org