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Weekending: Saturday 2008 06 28


Location: Dhaka

Aziz is finishing his last week of ICA training in Montréal.

In this week, he visited Cowater International and USC Canada and Institute for the Prevention of Crime in Ottawa on 23rd June, Center for Developing Area Studies at MC Gill University on 26th June.

Aziz also presented ICA Bangladesh in human development gallery on the occassion of the official inauguration of the ICAI Secretariat in Montréal on 25th June at the University of Concordia. He had an opportunity to meet distinguished guests from Montreal International, ICAI, Ex. World Bank official, American Jewish World Service, International Center for the Prevention of Crime, Water Foundationa.

He also visited 2 NGOs - Heads and Hands and Meals on Wheels on 27 June.

Manik, Kabir, Naimul, Alamgir and Selina are going to meet on taskforce meeting on 29 June to discuss about office, management and Nepal training. Delwar is working on a training proposal to submit at UNIADS.

Naimul           admin@ica-bangladesh.org


Location: Toronto

ICA Canada's week was highlighted by notes of change. A new co-director has been hired for our Youth as Facilitative Leaders program, and we will be happy to introduce him next week. Both Mustafa Elkalza, our part-time bookkeeper, and Meghan Cox, the new co-director of Listen to the Drumming, have turned out to be great additions to our staff, so we are looking forward to welcoming another into the fold.

With sadness, though, we announce that, for personal reasons, Liz Donnery has decided to resign from her position as Executive Director of ICA Canada. Liz's passion for change during her tenure with ICA has been unmatched, and her various talents and insights have brought great value to the organization. She will certainly be missed by all staff, volunteers, members, and friends of ICA who have come into contact with her over the years. Liz would like to wish everyone in the network great success with their future endeavours. Her last day with ICA will be July 10th. Please join us in wishing Liz great success in her own future endeavours, and thanking her for selflessly committing so much of her time and energy to ICA.

Gabby Resch           gresch@icacan.ca


Location: Japan

The 7th Global Conference on Human Development

WoW!  The registration system has been live for about a week.  People are already registering for the conference and reserving the best hotels,  You can register now, and save your place too!  Already we have received 20 registrations!

We have opened up the site for people to input provocative questions and fresh insights for each on the ten arenas.  The purpose is to begin to elicit provocative questions in each arena or across the arenas.  Then groups may form around these questions, further clarify their concerns, and begin looking for solutions as they are being developed. Go to http://icai-conference.org/tiki-index.php and sign in, then go to the FORUMS menu.    George Hara is committed to coming to work on 'How much will poverty be reduced in the post computer age, if all local villages have full access to global internet communications?'.

Wayne Ellsworth


Location: Chincha Earthquake Relief

The Community Kitchens project is now fully operational with the complete census of the 300 kitchens done by the 60 Promoters, and the result is that we will be able to expand the Project to include 320 Kitchens to supply more of the much needed assistance.  These Kitchens will each receive a Smokeless Wood Stove made of adobe -- along with other necessary supplies like pots and utensils. see attached pictures  But most importantly they will receive support to strengthen their organization and serve more nutritious meals at very low costs to the nearly 50,000 people served each day.

Meanwhile, we received final approval on a 135,000 dollar three year grant to do training in many communities, applying our Promoter approach to providing women's services to improve the quality of life in the communities.  There will also be a series of related proposals to provide physical aid to back this up.



Location: Montréal

It was a four-day work week for ICAI, due to Québec’s favourite national holiday, St-Jean Baptiste. This gave training program participants a nice opportunity to take a break, see the city, and catch up on some rest to recharge for the rest of the program. This was the week of work placements, and every participant was paired up with local organizations to share approaches and exchange knowledge. It was great to see connections being made between the work of national ICAs and Canadian-based local and international institutions. Read more about week 5 of the International Leadership in Human Development staff training program

Wednesday, June 25th was a very special evening, with our official office inauguration finally taking place. Mike’s recent hard work and long hours paid off, and the event was a great success with a wonderful turnout of people interested in the mission and international programs of the ICA. We were thrilled to formally introduce ourselves on the scene in Montréal, and had the pleasure of doing so in person with representatives from the City of Montréal, FEM International, the Montréal Council on Foreign Relations, the International Bureau for Children’s Rights, 60 Million Girls Foundation, The World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters, and many others. Thanks to those of you who attended for your kind support!

See attached: Ribbon-cutting at the secretariat office inauguration

We enter now into our 6th and final week of the training program, and are intent on wrapping up with a meaningful series of presentations and workshops. We’ll miss our colleagues so much when they go, but they’ll be leaving us with a wealth of information and documentation to share.

Katie           katie@ica-international.org