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Weekending: Saturday 2008 06 21


Location: Dhaka

Habib, Naimul and Manik visited the ICA Ghoramara Human Development Project site this week. They talked to beneficiaries of Rickshaw for employment generation by the unemployed men and ICA Ghoramary Primary School teachers.

ICA Nepal is organizing a Social Artistry Leadership training in Nepal and 6-8 ICA Bangladesh members are planning to join the event in July. Janet and Richard are planning to facilitate the training.

Mehdi, Naimul and Aziz are working for organizing a training program with Larry in October. The courses proposed are PSP, GFM, Leadership Development, and Teambuilding.

We submitted a proposal to Wayne for street children project for TUC funding for 2008.

Aziz has finished 4 weeks of ICAI Staff Training Program. Next week will focus on proposal development and organizational management issues.


Location: Canada

I am finishing 4 weeks in Canada today 20 June, 2nd week in Montreal starts on 21st June following 3 weeks in rural New Brunswick spending very productive time having experience of practice of ORID and Consensus Workshop and sustainability tools while practical work in organic farming, solar energy, forest stewardship and community development and partnership building with Falls Brook Center, in addition to learning organizational management, fundraising and communication strategies.

From 5th week, I am going to be working in universities in Canada - McGill, Concordia, Ottawa and Toronto meeting people working in development sector, sociology, criminology and policy faculties. On 23rd June I was given appointment with Professor in the Institute for Prevention of Crime, Department of Criminology in the University of Ottawa with cooperation of Michael, Katie and Sarah.

My focus of meetings will be relating to development issues so that it helps me in working with ICA.



Location: Charm El Cheick

From 17 to 20 June, 2008, Lambassa ICA Benin was represented in a continental meeting in Egypt-Charm EL cheick.This meeting was the pre-summit for African Union annual Summit scheduled from 30 June in the same Town.

As the topic of the Summit is Water and Sanitation in Africa, at least 75 NGOs havve been invited to get their say on it.Two NGOs attended on behalf of Benin, ICA Benin for water and sanitation and REDAD as representative of ECOSOC..

Issotina Kassimou


Location: Canada

This has been a week of team facilitation for us.

John Miller, Jo Nelson, Leah Taylor and Christine Pinto facilitated a workshop with a group of organizations in Peel Region - Toronto Suburbs - who are focused on youth programming.

John Miller, Duncan Holmes and Jo Nelson facilitated another workshop with the Ont. Clean Water Agency.

Bill Staples taught Group Facilitation to a group from the Quinte Health Department.

Wayne Nelson           wnelson@ica-associates.ca


Location: ICA Japan

2008 Global Conference

Recently we have had strong support from our chairman, Senator Mr. Iwao Matsuda.  He assigned his secretary to contact Hida Takamaya City Office and Gifu Prefectural Governor.

Mr. Matsuda already met Gifu Governor Hajime Furuta last week to explain about the 2008 conference, and to set in motion people to gather broad support and participation from local citizens.  This week his Secretary Mr. Komiyama, will visit the local government and  NGOs. We are going to ask the local government to send 100 translators!

This global conference is the first time for Takayama city to have many international people come for a fantastic event.  Participants are going to make a new history for Japan and give wonderful memory and dream to the Takamaya people and all of Japan. Thank you for your cooperation to come to Japan.  We are heartfully waiting to see you in Japan.

Shizuyo SatoHanoi Vietnam Waste Water Treatment Project      

The population in Hanoi has grown rapidly in recent years, and infrastructure such as sewerage systems has not kept up with the speed of urbanisation. There are no local decentralised water treatment plants in the city, so most waste waters from residential areas are poured straight into the canals and rivers. Residents also dispose of their waste into these waters.

Blue-green algae, a poisonous plankton, can be seen growing in many lakes around Hanoi. This plankton causes a lack of oxygen in the water, resulting in many organisms dying. The algae is not seen in waters when pollution levels are low, but in Hanoi it is rampant, due to urban waste water pouring into the waterways, resulting in eutrophication.This project is to be a model case, so that the local residents can participate in environmental protection and implement similar projects around Hanoi.

The ultimate long-term aim of this project is to prevent highly polluted urban waste water runoff into the water system so as to prevent eutrophication in lakes. A more direct aim is to increase residents awareness of water resources and the importance of keeping the lakes and environment clean and hygienic.

Eiki Kubokawa


Location: Chincha Earthquake Recovery

The first 30 Promoters returned from their training in Azpitia and began work with a complete census of the Community Kithens in thier Sectors.  Meanwhile the second school of 30 finished up an exciting week of training and returned home very excited and ready to go to work with their census next week.

In Chincha the 18 members of the construction team perfected the construction of the advanced-design smokeless stoves, and completed the construction of the first 30.  These stoves take 4 people a day to build, but the results are dramatic, saving about half of the firewood while cooking much faster and with no smoke in the eyes of lungs of the women cooking.  There is a lot excitement in the community about the Project now. 

Now we have to build 300 in the next ten weeks -- plus a lot more activities as well.  And the miracle of it is that ALL of the work is being done by the people themselves.

Staff           admin@ica-peru.org


Location: Montréal

Katie and Lambert travelled to New Brunswick this week to join the training program participants for the final days at the Falls Brook Centre. Lambert spent Friday morning talking to the group about ICAI and its roles and responsibilities, how we relate to the national ICAs, where we’re coming from and where we hope to go. Sarah took over for the afternoon to discuss project reporting, and the group helped develop a report on the Falls Brook portion of the training program. Some memorable words from this exercise: mosquitos, compost toilet, sustainability, relationship-building.

We’re gearing up now for the last 2 weeks of the program in Montréal, and expecting the change in setting to bring about new perspective and energy.

Anticipation is building for the office launch and speaker series event Wednesday evening. We’re looking forward to celebrating our inauguration with friends, family and colleagues.

The 2007 ICAI Annual report is now ready and available from our ICAI website and also for download here http://ica-international.org/pdf/2007-annual-report.pdf (4.9MB)