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Weekending: Saturday 2008 06 14


Location: Brisbane

A ToP Module 1 -- basic facilitation -- which was scheduled for Tues-Wed this week had been over subscribed to the point that it was split into 2 courses and held at two locations. 38 satisfied participants finished the 2 day course in the two locations led by Marg Endicott, Gerry Keating, Stacy Field and Elaine Richmond.  It will be an ever more 8 days as Gerry and Stacy fly to Cairns to do another Module 1 with Kate Harrison which has some 22 participants signed up.

Elaine Richmond


Location: Dhaka

Habib, Naimul and Manik visited the ICA Ghoramara Human Development Project site this week. They talked to beneficiaries of Rickshaw for employment generation by the unemployed men and ICA Ghoramary Primary School teachers.

ICA Nepal is organizing a Social Artistry Leadership training in Nepal and 6-8 ICA Bangladesh members are planning to join the event in July. Janet and Richard are planning to facilitate the training.

Mehdi, Naimul and Aziz are working for organizing a training program with Larry in October. The courses proposed are PSP, GFM, Leadership Development, and Teambuilding.We submitted a proposal to Wayne for street children project for TUC funding for 2008.

Aziz has finished 3 weeks of ICAI Staff Training Program. Next week will focus on proposal development and organizational management issues.

Naimul           admin@ica-bangladesh.org


Location: Toronto

ICA Canada had a very busy, productive week. We welcomed Eowynne Feeney, the co-director of our Listen to the Drumming program, back from Africa. She had a very fruitful working trip. Our new staff member, Meghan Cox, has adjusted to life at the ICA office very quickly, and we're very happy to see her fitting in.

Copies of Edges, ICA Canada's magazine, were sent out this week. ICA Staff also had a beneficial idea-generating session earlier in the week, in anticipation of the ICA board meeting taking place on June 14th. In summary, a typical, busy week for all of us in Toronto.

Gabby Resch           gresch@icacan.ca


Location: Canada

Since we last reported John Miller taught our 5 day Community Development course in Vancouver. Significant interest in the Vancouver area for the Facilitating Conciliation and Power of Image Change courses so we will be adding courses to our public calendar.

Duncan Holmes, Mark Jowett, our staff person in Ottawa and Marie Noelle Houzeau, ICA Associes in Montreal have been trecking across Northern Ontario doing Development and Mines. Duncan also spent 2 days working with Seimens in Peterborough.

Bill Staples conducted public consultation workshops for Brock Health and at a manafacturing conference in Kitchner. Jo Nelson is involved in a series of strategy planning workshops with York Commiunity Services in Toronto. 

Our work with Ontario Clean Water agency continues. Bill, John and Jo facilitated leadership development workshops with their managers. John also facilitated a workshop with Zero Footprint.

Wayne Nelson has done more work on the global ToP Facilitation website that was commissioned by the last ICAI general assembly. Please take the time to visit the site at http://ica-associates.ca/topfacilitation. Please send your feedback to wnelson@ica-associates.ca. Click the -About this Site - in the right column for a fuller explanation. Your thoughts - at any level - are needed in order to continue development of this global resource. We need your ideas.

Wayne Nelson           wnelson@ica-associates.ca



The 7th Global Conference on Human Development

Yuka submitted the 7th Proposal for funding 'Unlocking the Potential to Create a New World Together', and began researching gaining 'Donations as Tax Free'.

Nippn Travel Agency 'NTA' completed the English registration system, and will be available this week.

Mr. Obata and Mr. Harada joined us as our fast moving corporate funding team.

Shizuyo Sato and Chimaki Kurokawa completed re-writing the new Japanese brochure which is to be printed next week.

We celebrated ICAI's completion of revised conference web site, including a tiki to focus the conference topics.

ICA Japan Development Projects

Kayo Goda began working on a new Chiapas funding proposal.

Eiki documented the MVC project in Nigeria, and many others.

Kaoru is in Peru building a demonstration earthquake resistant Adobe house.

Mr. Akimoto is in Hanoi Vietnam creating a natural floating lake water cleaning system.

Naomi and Eric are in Kenya teaching proposal writing to idle Isinya youth.

Wayne received funding for ICA Japan and proposed funding for a Masaii rural school classroom.and much more!

ICA Japan Staff


Location: Nepal

This week we conducted a training on 'Life Skills Based Education' for Nepal Red Cross Society staff. ICA used social artistry approach on imparting life skills based eudcation to grassroots workers. There were 30 participants from three districts of Nepal.

ICA Nepal is coordinating 'development book exhibition' in which more than 50 NGOs are expected to reserve stall for book sell. ICA is also conducting youth conference on July 5 when more than 100 youths from various districts are expected to participate.

The first meeting of the steering committee of SA microgrants projects' was organised in which the members were informed about the program and asked for their cooperation. ICA Nepal is also selected by CIVICUS as National Coordinating Organisation to carry out Civil Society Index work in Nepal.

Tatwa P. Timsina          ica@icanep.wlink.com.np

Location: Kathmandu

Today ICA started a three day training on capacity building to HIV Infected Group of women called Sakti Milan Society which is the only group of women who are living with HIV and AIDS. There are 16 women as participants. They will be implementing their projects as a part of the training.       
Atma Ram Upadha

ica@icanep.wlink.com.np                                              Enlarged picture


Location: Chincha Earthquake Recovery

This was the first week of actual construction of the 300 improved cooking stoves made of adobe which will be built for the Community Kitchens over the next 10 weeks.  The first ones built this week achieved their objective of cooking faster and with half of the fuel, so now we are set to move into production mode next when we will start building six of these large stoves per day.

And while this was going on in Chincha, Gloria Santos and Jesusa Aburto completed the training of the first 30 Promotores in the ICA Training Center in Azpitia -- a very animated group who are excited to be going back to Chincha to go to work to dramatically improve the 300 Community Kitchens which are serving about 50,000 meals daily to 9,000 families.

Meanwhile, Alison Hamje and Jesusa Aburto secured a 3-year 135K grant from a German foundation designed to continue the training of Promotoreas as we have done in Chincha -- but now for new rural communities in the Chincha Valley.  This opens the door to a number of other grant options which are being pursued as well.

Staff           admin@ica-peru.org


Location: Montréal

Katie and Mike traveled to rural New Brunswick on Thursday to visit the ICA staff training participants and so that Mike could deliver a presentation on policy. They were greeted by smiling and enthusiastic hugs by the group. Mike led his session Friday morning and got the group talking about unique and shared challenges to doing human development work in their respective countries. We explored how these challenges are often rooted in policy, and looked at what can be done to change policy or apply pressure for accountability with regard to existing policy.

Friday afternoon was devoted to the Human Development Gallery, highlighting the work of the represented national ICAs, and including a Sustainability Platform with key components to sustainability flushed out by the group using ToP methods with Facilitators Elaine Stover and Mayme Webb-Bledsoe. The Falls Brook conference room doors opened to the New Brunswick public, as group members presented their work to a nice turnout of highly interested locals and media.

The ICAI office inauguration event remains slated for June 25th, and Mike and Jane have been busy with planning. If you are interested in coming, we’d love to have you! Just email katie@ica-international or call (514) 875-7111 for more info.

Staff           info@ica-international.org