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Weekending: Saturday 2008 06 07


Location: Toronto Ontario

ICA Canada welcomed a new staff member this week. Meghan Cox joins us as the new co-director of the Listen to the Drumming program. Meghan brings a wealth of past experience to the new position, so we're optimistic that LTTD will see positive growth and great change over the coming year.

ICA Canada staff member Eowynne Feeney is still in Africa, but will be returning to Canada next week, so we're looking forward to hearing how her trip went.

Gabby Resch


Location: Kathmandu

This week we conducted two public programme, one on World Environment Day and another about Civil Society Index report of Nepal. On World Environment Day, ICA organised a talk programme and discussed about carbon issues. There were 39 people in the interaction.

In another programme, ICA invited civil society activists to discuss about the civil society index report and change in civil society arena particularly after the recent political upheavels. ICA Nepal has also applied to CIVICUS to continue this work.

ICA Nepal is also planning Social Artistry Training in Nepal soon. For that we are expecting Jean, Janet and other Social Artists in Nepal. We also completed the preliminary work of micro grants programme. On July 5, we are conducting an orientation on social artistry and providing micro grants to about 30 people. The support was received through the International Institute for Social Artistry in USA.

Tatwa P. Timsina


Location: Chincha Earthquake Recovery

We have just wrapped up two exciting weeks of launching the next major project in the series of recovery project for the 160,000 residents impacted by the Chincha earthquake of 15 August 2007.  This project utilizing funding from ICA-Japan will rebuild and expand the services of 300 Community Kitchens to better serve almost 50,000 meals daily to 9,000 families.  The Kitchens are cooperative community ventures to cook a hot meal each day for much less than each family could do on their own -- about 60-70 US cents per serving. 

ICA-Peru has already segmented the communities into 30 Sectors, and recruited two volunteer Promoters from each sector to serve for three months.  The first group of 30 Promoters leave this Sunday for 5 days of training in the ICA training center in Azpitia, followed by the second 30 next week.  Kaooru Ito joined us this week from ICA-Japan for the Project, along with our six new staff people from Chincha.  Meanwhile, 18 residents have been employed to build smokeless stoves and 6 demonstration buildings made of native materials, to show the residents a new type of home building.  We'll share more of the details of this project as it unfolds in the coming weeks,

Also this week, an appointment was held at the German Embassy wich led to a new contact with a private foundation, funding improved governance in Peru.  The new director of this foundation came to visit on Thursday, and it seems that we will very soon have a new funding partner who wants to see the ICA methods make a big difference in social inclusion in Peru.  The prospects are very exciting.  And it is no coincidence, that two new great staff prospects have shown up this week as well, so things seem to be coming together.

We also have heard great reports from Carmen Ruiz as she has gone on the the journey of participating in the International Training School in Montreal.

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ITERLENG ICA South Africa:

Location: Johannesburg

Yesterday the 5th of June 2008, ICA Staff took time out in Alexandra for meeting Youth as Facilitative Leaders members. We conducted a session with twenty members on Debriefing a Traumatic Event, a conversation to process traumatic situations and respond to them productively; thanks to Jo Nelson from ICA-Associates in Canada for the advice. The tour gave us a deep insight on how devastating the YFL programme has suffered owing to xenophobic  violence. The violence has subsided, but its consequences are still being acutely felt in the community. We have embarked on a work plan together with YFL members and our stake-holders in the community on how best we can revive the programme and mobilise resources for trainings on Conflic Transformation.

We are settling well in our new offices. The telephone, fax and post-box remains the same. Here is our new physical address: No 87 Dekorte Street, Heerengracht Buiding, 7th Floor, Braamfontein.

Muzi Mbonani


Location: UK

We have been quietly working away the last few weeks- hence our silence!

Martin delivered a GFM in Scotland last week and this week George and Elise Packard came to Manchester to deliver a two-day Power of Image course.

We have also been building up quite a list of in-house work, both in the UK and internationally, over the past few months

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Location: Montréal

Week 2 of the international staff training program wraps up this Friday, and we receive this update from the Falls Brook Center in rural New Brunswick, where participants and trainers have been working hard:

  Training participants are now attending the Tools for Change: Sustainability in Practice conference at the Falls Brook Centre. Conference highlights so far have included a presentation from the Analog Forestry Network, the development of a vision for sustainability, as well as sample sustainability indicators.  Site visits consisted of demonstration organic gardens, high efficiency outdoor cooking stoves and renewable energy projects, which all provided ample food for thought and discussion. Participants also shared information from their respective bioregions, highlighting the distinct things about each place; whether they contain deserts, steep hills, pollution, rivers, forests, cultural values, waste disposal systems, and much more.

  On the weekend, Aziz and Benoit attended a renewable energy workshop hosted by the Falls Brook Centre. The rest of the participants visited the world's longest covered bridge in Hartland and the farmer's market in Fredericton. They are all feeling refreshed and ready to continue with week three!

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