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Weekending: Saturday 2008 05 24


Location: ICA Japan

2008 Global Conference Preparation

Brochures, cost information, and an invitation letter from Japan were sent May 24th to the 31 ICA Offices Worldwide, as complementary copies, to augment the information being sent from our Secretariat in Montreal.  It is meant to show the ICA Japan team's sincere passion for the forthcoming Global Conference, and our sincere desire that you will choose to come. We really are having a sense that this 7th Global conference will make a major contribution in Unlocking the Future of Global Development. 


Each week, outstanding eventfulness happens, and we hope you could get a feel of our profound excitement and enthusiasm!  This past week, six outstanding places for site visits were offered, four companies selected to present exhibits, two Japanese people agreed to recruit 40 people each, and one company came to the office Sunday night to offer their full support!

ICA Japan Project Support -Kaoru Ito and Shizuyo Sato secured a third grant for ICA Peru to build demonstration quake resistant homes, and setup additional neighborhood food kitchens which are also serve as vital community nodes, for the victoms of the 8.3 earthquake last fall.  The grant of more than 200,000 dollars will be delivered by Wednesday, when Kaoru arrives in Lima.

Eiki Kubokawa is in Vietnam coordinating the clean Lakes project.Our JICA Partnership Project with ICA India - Pune will start about October 2008.

We continue to research and write proposals for Africa Partnership Projects.

We are writing proposals for another Mexican project.

Respectfully, ICA Japan Staff           staff@icajapan.org


Location: Chincha Earthquake Recovery

The staff has been heavily involved in preparing for another major Project for the recovery of Chincha from the 15 Aug. 2007 earthquake.  We received notice this week that ICA-Japan had secured major funds for a 3-month project to facilitate the improvement of 300 Community Kitchens, including for each one the construction of a smoke-less stove made of adobe mud bricks.  These stoves are very important to protect the health of the women, and also improve the efficiency of the use of firewood. 

The project will be done 100 percent by the people themselves, using the same structure of volunteer Promoters who are trained and supported by the ICA staff.  We await the arrival of Kaoru Ito from ICA-Japan to be part of this project.

Meanwhile, we sent out our newest staff person, Carmen Ruiz, for six weeks of in-depth training in Montreal, with the expectation that she will return to assist us in securing project grants for our work in the future.

Staff           admin@ica-peru.org


Location: Chicago

Timothy J. Duszynski, PhD Director of National Programs  

The Institute of Cultural Affairs USA is pleased to announce that Timothy Joseph Duszynski has joined the staff of ICA USA as its Director of National Programs. A native Chicagoan, he is a forward-looking leader with thirty years experience as a consultant, college teacher and administrator.  As president, he led the turnaround of two private colleges  Kansas Newman College now Newman University, the Catholic College in Wichita, KS and The National College of Naturopathic Medicine Portland, OR, the oldest accredited institution of integrative health in North America. 

He was a founding administrator of Abu Dhabi University, the first Arab-owned and managed private U.S.-style accredited university in the Gulf Region and of Ellis College, an online collaboration between New York Institute of Technology and Cardean Learning Group LLC consortium of five graduate business schools  Stanford U, University of Chicago, Columbia U, Carnegie-Mellon U, and London School of Economics and Political Science. 

Timothy has significant experience in initiating, developing, and marketing for both for-profit e.g., transportation and health care industries and non-profit organizations.  He has led certification initiatives and regulatory compliance.  Timothy earned his Ph.D. and masters degrees English at Illinois State University his A.B. English and music at the University of Illinois-Chicago and post-graduate certificates in education management Harvard and integrative health Mercy College of Health Sciences-Global Health and Learning Institute, IA. 

Timothy has been a Visiting Scholar at the University of Iowa, and a Fellow of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. He feels that his experience is congruent with the Mission of EIICA and appreciates the good heart and good soul of the ICA community. He has one son who is a college junior.

Cheryl Zaleski


Location: Montréal

Preparations continue moving forward for the official office launch in Montreal and the Global Conference in Japan. Stay tuned for updates.

Last week the Montreal team was busy preparing for the International Leadership in Human Development Training Program that kicked off today - Monday May 26th. On Sunday, participants enjoyed a beautiful day in the Montreal sunshine, discovering the city, and meeting and reconnecting with colleagues. We are excited to have Jo Nelson joining us this week to provide an introduction to ICA history, philosophy, and methods. Energy levels are high and everyone is committed to a productive and engaging time together.

1st day of the international staff training program, and it’s been a flurry of excitement around here! Stayed tuned for photos & stories…

Staff           info@ica-international.org