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Weekending: Saturday 2008 05 17


Location: Canada

Jo Nelson taught Group Facilitation and Facilitated Planning in Calgary. She also began conversation with Treaty 6's Education Department - a First Nations Territory in Alberta - about a large group planning session.

Duncan Holmes taught Group Facilitation in Toronto.

Bill Staples taught our Power of Image Change in Transfromation in Toronto.

Wayne added web pages on Recommended Reading,  IAF facilitator certification as well as several focused conversations that can be downloaded to our website.

We began conversations with several new clients and we've had several referrals from past clients for courses and facilitation work. A Health Quality Council asked us for a series of in house courses for their staff based of referrals from others in the health system.

Wayne Nelson           wnelson@ica-associates.c


Location: Nepal

In the last two weeks, ICA Nepal staff were active in various programmes. A team of 15 Washi artists from Japan along with Shizuyo came to Nepal and carried out community work. They also organized a five day long art exhibition at Nepal Art Council. They taught that unique art to about 150 people in Nepal.

Tatwa, Evelyn and others in Social Artistry Training in Ashland, USA
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Tatwa participated a 10 day long trainers training on Social Artistry in Ashland, Oregon, USA. ICA Nepal is also working as national coordinating organization for Social Artistry Initiative in Nepal. International Institute of Social Artistry has granted ICA Nepal a micro fund to start micro grants projects on SA projects in Nepal through Robertson Work International Fund for SA.  Dr. Jean Houston is also planning to conduct a 10 day long trainers training on SA in Nepal for 150 participants this year. Rob Work, Janet Sanders and Evelyn were also present in the training. ICA Nepal will be coordinating the micro grant projects and giving the grants to about 25 people in Nepal to implement their mini projects which they commit in the Social Artistry training. 

This week, ICA Nepal also started fourth 3-month long PCDT training in which there are 20 participants. We also completed the Global Forest Coalition supported project and last week we submitted the final reports.

Tatwa           ica@icanep.wlink.com.np


Location: UK

We had a Board meeting last week that again focused on our new strategy. This week Jonathan ran a PSP in London, and Martin and Amelia facilitated a day for the Aberdeen International Youth Festival Committee.

Jonathan Dudding           jdudding@ica-uk.org


Location: Montréal

Everyone at ICA International is working on developing a presence in Montreal - Mike has been liaising with Montreal International to organize the office launch, at which many ICAs will be represented.  Jane has been contacting local organizations who might be interested in supporting the training program, and Sarah has met with local organizations who will host members from national ICAs in work placements during the training program.  Katie has found a car rental alternative which supports the local community. 

The entire team has reached out to families in Montreal and we now have eager and friendly hosts to orient training participants to life in Canada

Sarah Farina           sfarina@ica-international.org