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Weekending: Saturday 2008 04 26

ICAI Board

Location: Montréal

During the week of 14 - 16 April, we three members of the ICAI Board, Nelson, Ruth, Robyn, met with the staff of the Secretariat, in Montréal. The task of the meeting was to continue to build effective plans for the future of the ICAI as a global identity in the NGO world. A highly collaborative time was had as we focussed on plans for the Japan conference in November, the International Training Program in May-June, looked at our operation, planning and communication processes, and funding strategies. 

The  challenge before us all is continuing funding to support the work of the Secretariat in enhancing and enabling the mission of ICA globally.  We look forward to having input from all ICAs before and at the upcoming General Assembly following the conference in Japan.

Robyn, for ICAI Board           rjhutchinson@optusnet.com.au

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Location: Dhaka Bagerhat Chandpur

Dhaka ICA ended its implementation of SUPPORTING SIDR-AFFECTED PARENTLESS CHILDREN FOR EDUCATIONAL AND URGENT NEEDS PROHJECT 2007-08 with funding from Tokyo Union Church Japan.

On 24 April 102 school children from class 1 to 12 in Sharonkhola Sub district under Bagerhat District were distributed stipend tuition fee, learning materials, school uniform, school bag, umbrella at Tafalbari School and College ground with presence of Sub district Executive Officer Shahnawaz Khan, Education Officer, Social Service Officer, Principal of Tafalbari College and local elites and leaders.

Local community and guests of the event appreciated such type of ICA project and TUC funding. Local journalist Milon expressed the need of support for those parentless children so that they do not face drop out. ICA team - Delwar, Mehdi, Bilal, Kamal, Indrajit and Aziz with locally appointed volunteers Milon and Nazrul made this event successful. ICA Bangladesh team did this field work during 23-25April.

Aziz got engaged to Nasrin Akter on 25 April at 11:45pm on return from sidr affected Sharonkhola Sub district under Bagerhat District accomplishing Sidr project under TUC Japan funding. Aziz and Nasrin are going to be officially received in July after the proposed National ICA Staff Training Program in Montreal Canada. Aziz is very pleased to share the news to all ICA colleagues and ask for blessings.

Naimul           admin@ica-bangladesh.org


Location: Montréal

Greetings! It was a bright and busy week in Montréal – enhanced by an unexpected and welcome taste of summer weather. It was also my first week at ICAI, so the team was busy helping me to get oriented and continuing the planning for the Training Program and the conference in Japan. Sarah Miller was in the office this week, providing a wonderful opportunity for us all to sit down together. It was also great to meet Robyn Hutchinson before she left and thank you to Peter for the warm welcome from Ottawa!

The week culminated with a Q2 work plan review meeting on Friday. It was a good opportunity for the most recent member of the ICAI team to get a solid overview of the exciting work envisaged for the coming months.

Jane Leeke