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Weekending: Saturday 2008 04 12


Location: Dhaka

The monthly April 2008 taskforce meeting was held on 9 April at Seminar Room Dhaka University Arts Building Sociology Department. Four taskforces presented their reports facilitated by Prof. Mahbub, Aziz, Mehdi, Alamgir. Delwar informed of the venue for GFC workshop. National Press Club would be one of the most attractive one he added.

Naimul shared Community Project in Chandpur.On 10 April a Reasearchers Meeting under the GFC funded Underlying Causes of Deforestation workshop project and ICA training and forum taskforce was held. Prof. Mahbub, Prof. Nazrul, Saifullah, Nazrul Islam, Aziz, Mehdi, Delwar, Farhida and Tabassum were present in the meeting and discussed about the teams FGD and community workshop held in Madhupur on 3rd April and in Tangail on 4th April.



Location: Canada

Jo Nelson and John Miller are in Atlanta at the International Association of Facilitators North America conference. Jo and John are IAF certification assessors. This is John's first time assessing. ICA Associate Jerry Mings led an astounding workshop and received his CPF. John and Jerry taught Group Facilitation as a pre-conference training event.

Jo also led a conference session on facilitating large projects that integrate the work of smaller groups into a whole plan. In many cases, these are large public or organizational participation projects that involve hundreds of people in small groups leading to a large group plenary.

Bill Staples facilitated another session in the Ministry of Agriculture project and worked with a hospital as well.

Next week will be the first public course offered by our new Ottawa office.

Duncan Holmes continues work with Seimens Canada. This week included scheduling another facilitated workshop and a conversation of future work with one of the vice presidents.

Wayne Nelson           wnelson@ica-associates.ca


Location: Azpitia Training Center

This was the first week of the 3-week AVANZA PERU intensive community development leadership training program for 30 new colleagues for 5 communities in Peru and one in Holland.  This was the Cultural week and it opened many new perspective for the participants, a highlight of which was a visit to see the latest technology in appropriate technology followed by an exiciting visit to the largest handicrafts market in Peru.  Last night was the first gala celebration with 7 different vegetarian foods from around the country, followed by many wonderful dances for us all to join in.  We celebrated the Cultural dynamic being alive and well in Peru, if somewhat overwhelmed by economic necessities and bureaucratic obtacles.

Staff        admin@ica-peru.org  


Location: UK

Most of this week was taken up by our quarterly staff meeting with all four staff reviewing the last quarter, discussing issues arising and planning the next quarter. A major focus of our discussions was the development of the new strategic plan. We also shortlisted people to interview as potential Trustees, and Amelia and Alan continued to deliver evening sessions as part of the Youth Programme.

Jonathan Dudding


Location: Montréal

The conference continues to develop, with confirmation from UNDP that they will be partnering.

Lambert and Mike participated in a fruitful conference call with seven others from the conference "Design and Dynamics" sub-committee.

Planning for the international staff training program also continues, and we are pleased to receive news that AJWS will be lending its support to sponsor the participation of several attendees. Sarah Farina has drawn together a small army of bright and enthusiastic volunteers, and together we are working hard to organize all aspects of this exciting program. 

Katie is thrilled to have the 2007 audited financial statement finalized, and will have this available online shortly.

Katie Burke