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Weekending: Saturday 2008 01 31


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Learning what I knew years ago
By TELCameroon(TELCameroon)
Many years ago (over 20 as a matter of fact,) I worked with an organization called the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA). One of the primary things I did was facilitate community "town meetings" and community youth forums. ...
Rev. Tracy's Cameroon blog - http://telcameroon.vox.com/library/posts/page/1/  


Location: Adelaide

Kevin Balm and Jeanette Stanfield facilitated a Courage to Lead two day workshop in Bangkok with 17 staff of a training company there.  For most of the staff English is a 2nd language. Stories, diagrams, individual and group exercises were central to a fruitful two days.

Brian Robins facilitated two workshops toward Australia's 2020 summit.  26 local people from Adelaide gathered to work through proposals relative to health, climate change, political systems, rural industries and communities, economic infrastructure and skills training.  The results go to Round Tables gathering in Canberra at the end of the month.

Jeanette Stanfield           jstanfield@icacan.ca


Location: Canada

John Miller facilitated a workshop for the organization of our recent Art and Science of Participation graduates.

Bill Staples taught the Conversation Method to a group of Public Health nurses.

Tamara Eberle, an associate, is bringing her Project Managment skills to one of our long term contracts with the Ministry of Natural Resources. She is playing the major role in this contract.

ICA Associates had a long overdue staff meeting this week to resolve some plans and monitor progress on business expansion activities.

Wayne Nelson           wnelson@ica-associates.ca


Location: Nepal

For the last two weeks, ICA Nepal staff and board members are busy on making the constituent assembly a great success. As two years back, ICA played an active role in civil society movement to gain democracy, we have also seen as the April 10's Constituent Assembly as a great event, which comes once in life time. Hemant and Raju are in Far Western Nepal and others in Kathmandu and nearby districts. We are making the people awared of the events and encouraging them to cast their votes for democracy. ICA Nepal is also the founding member of Human Rights Home, which is observing the election nationwide.

Tatwa P. Timsina           ica@icanep.wlink.com.np


Location: Lagos

NIRADO gets new Executive Director.

Her name is am Ms. Comfort Hassan. She is 41 years of age and graduated from the University of Ibadan in 1992 with a degree in Forestry and in 2000, Agricultural Extension and Rural Development. She has over 12 years NGO work experience, having worked with the Country Women Association of Nigeria, a non-governmental rural women organisation between 1995-1998, and then joined the Nigerian Environmental Study Action Team NEST in 2000, first as Programme Officer - Gender and later Deputy Programme Director till 2007 when she left the organisation.

She has competences in conducting research, specifically qualitative analysis - FGDs and IDIs, gender analysis and mainstreaming in programmes and projects. Through the years she has been involved in working on microcredit programmes for rural women, group mobilization for community development projects, environmental issues such as climate change, forestry, and environmental education.

She resumed duties with NIRADO on April 1, 2008

Hannah Anighoro           nirado2004@yahoo.com


Location: Taipei Taiwan Republic of China

The Sam Kaner's workshop the second weekend in March, Participatory Decision- Making for Facilitators, an Advanced Course had around 60 people with participants from Japan,  Singapore, and Hong Kong join the Taiwanese contingent with the US participants who live in Taipei.This event was held in a huge auditorium and had spaces for groups of 8 and actually broke down into pairs, threes, fours and eights in different configurations.

The few of us who did not speak Chinese had headsets to listen to the translations so we all knew what was going on. When I talked about transformational tools to assist people in their change process he pointed to his theory of divergent ideas and convergent ideas models that has a groan zone in the middle of it, much like our contradictional analysis model that fuels the stuff from which we build the future.

He also has some good graphs to talk about authoratative decision making, consultative decision making, and participatory decision making which are very helpful.  He looks more carefully at the dynamics and details of how that shows up and also how to keep people in the chaos of deciding longer, my interpretation from work with chaos as in Community Building, pseudochaosauthentic community so that details of the groan zone become more real.

He also has a gradient chart for decision making on a topic that reveals how you really think and feel about a decision.  Just as when we look for consensus, there are degrees of support, this exercise was very helpful to see who really agrees, or still needs more information to decide, or if pushed would just say no rather than yes.

Often I think we decide with our mind, our emotions, our body, and our spirit, but we don't take the time to sort out what is what, and therefore fall back into old patterns before the new ones are able to make a real change.

Overall this was a very helpful weekend and Open Quest did a good job of hosting the whole event.

Facilitator Forum danced with Crisis intervention being guided by Jackie this Thursday, followed by Group Mentoring on Friday with two activities with art, paper cutting and photography. Both  were led well through this practice session on using the conversation method with feedback.

Larry, Frieda, Shawn and Evelyn hold the Imaginal Learning course this weekend including Boulding, Mindstyles and Howard Gardners' Seven Intelligences from his book, Frames of Mind, the theory of multiple intelligences.

Evelyn has been contacting ICAI board members about looking for ways to improve our participation and performance through feedback, proposals, and skype conversations. As a whole network of ICAI, our participation in making the 2008 Conference in Novermber come alive and serve our membership is crucial. What are your concerns, what are you passionate about, what sustains you these days and how can we network to bring about a meaningful gathering?

The Sidr affected Orphans proposal for ICA Bangladesh to the local Orphanage Club is still being worked through here and needs some current data from Dhaka.

Gail has been networking with the Open Space community and preparing for visits in Asia in 2009.

IAF asked Larry to come in April to become an Assessor, but he has client committments in Taiwan, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Japan.

Dick has been continuing his Dreamwork group meetings in Tai Chung and Taipei and sharing his insights to Transcending Levels of Consciousness and Unattended Sorrow which deepens our journey in spirit and transformational tools. He is also working with Guang Hwa Centers for long term disability care to work on organziational development and healing.

Evelyn Kurihara Philbrook           joyful52@gmail.co


Location: UK

Our highlight of last week was a strategic planning weekend in Manchester which brought together 16 staff, Board members and Associates to begin the process of developing our direction for the next three years. Based on the framework developed, we will continue to work up a more detailed plan to be ready for approval by our Board in July. We will be making the first draft available for wider input after the staff meeting next week.

Jonathan Dudding           jdudding@ica-uk.org


Location: Chicago

We are pleased to share the news that at long last, the John Wesley Mathews Collection has found a permanent home at the Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC - please follow the attached link for photos and further information.

On Saturday, March 29th, Joseph Mathews, Jr. and James Mathews, sons of Joseph Wesley Mathews, arrived in Chicago to pack up dozens of file drawers' worth of letters, business papers and mementos. On hand to assist were two staff members of the Wesley Theological Seminary, as well as Betty Pesek and Carol Pierce, long-time supporters of ICA USA, and ICA USA staff members Nino Tillman, Executive Director, Charles DeFuria, Director of Finance, and Cheryl Zaleski, National Program Manager.

When asked how it felt to see the archives find such an appropriate home, James Mathews said  "It's been a long journey. I'm glad they found a permanent home".

See story / photos: http://ica-usa.org/wesley.htm

Cheryl Zaleski           czaleski@ica-usa.org