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Weekending: Saturday 2008 03 29

Just 5 days left to bid on one of 21 stunning original paintings to benefit the scholarship fund for the 7th Global Conference on Human Development!


Location: China

China's recent crackdown on protestors has impacted Chinese NGO's working in some of the nation's poorest provinces. Any NGO's that are suspected of focusing on human rights issues are under intense scrutiny. I spent a week meeting with both Chinese and international NGO's, seeking potential implementation partners for an Australian mining company that seeks to establish alternative sustainable livelihoods for farmers impacted by the mine. While there are experienced community development practitioners available in China, increasing numbers are choosing to work outside the sector due to government pressures and the siren call of higher salaries in business.

Lucy Hobgood-Brown           lucy@claypartners.com


Location: Chandpur

Tithi, Khair, Kamal and Aziz visited the ICA Ghoramara Human Development Project site on 29 March in Chandpur. They met School Teachers Sanjida and Sajib for making formalities necessary for recogniton of primary school. We proposed a name for the school ICA Ghoramara Primary School.

The team also met 17 Women under ICA Ghoramara Dressmaking Training and Income Generation Project beneficiaries. Kamal who is appointed as instructor introduced to them. They will be trained on dressmaking and given order for dressmaking work.

GFC Deforestation research teams is leaving tomorrow 1st April for Shal Forest FGDs and community workshops. They will end their case studies on 30 April hopefully covering Valuka, Mymensignh, Sherpur, Madhupur, Tangail, Rangamati, Khagrachari, Bandarbans, Sitakunda, Chittagong, Cox's Bazar.

Naimul           admin@ica-bangladesh.or


Location: Canada

Bill Staples continues Community Development training with United Way community leaders. He also facilitated a consumer focus group and facilitated another step in the Ontario Min of Ag strategic planning.

Duncan Holmes taught Group Facilitation to an inhouse group in Calgary.

John Miller did a workshop with an Ontarion Government  Information and Privacy branch.

Jo Nelson  facilitated a strategy building workshop with a group focused on eating disorders.

We fielded several new requests for facilitation and training this week. We're finding our time very filled these days.

Wayne's facilitation students at Sheridan College are doing in-class facilitation. Each student creates and facilitates a practice session with the other students as participants. As they are in a Community Outreach and Development program, many of their chosen topics focus on critical contemporary issues ranging from programs for teenage moms to getting a dialogue going over abuse of girls in Muslim families. It is a very diverse group of students with family backgrounds right around the planet and they bring their concerns to their facilitation practice.

As another fiscal year closes, our balance sheet is showing income substantially over expenses - very substantially. This has been a busy year and has enabled ICA's for-profit side to contribute significant support for the not-for-profit side of ICA. We are pleased that this structural model is working for all of us.

Wayne Nelson           wnelson@ica-associates.c


Location: Chincha Earthquake Relief

We had a very exciting week of selecting 6 new program staff members and one new permanent staff member to join our ICA-Peru team, and then receiving them for an orientation and training event at our offices in Lima.  They arrived on Friday morning, spent the night in a nearby hotel, and left Saturday afternoon -- very excited! 

One of the highlights of the program was a seminar on image changes which Robyn Hutchinson led for us, with Jesusa Aburto doing the translation.  Robyn is here from ICA-Australia to assist us with some programming and to celebrate a turning point birthday with some great tourism in Peru.  Robyn will also be assisting us for a couple of days with the AVANZA PERU 3-week training program which begins in our Azpitia Training Center on Sunday 6 April, and our seven new staff members will also be participating as well.

Staff          admin@ica-peru.or


Location: Montréal

This week the Secretariat staff have been trying to enjoy the lingering winter here in Montreal while dreaming of Spring. We have been busy following up from a series of exciting meetings in New York last week with AJWS, UNDP, UN Global Compact and the FORD foundation.

Michael reported on a program he attended at the United Nations, and shared information for how ICAs can learn more about the UN and get more involved in UN programs.

Sarah Farina has been finalizing a proposal for funding support for the Training Program while spending time with family in Vancouver.

Planning for the Japan conference continues apace - planning subcommittees dealing with Youth Participation and Scholarships have begun meeting while other subcommittees will begin meeting in the coming weeks.

Staff           info@ica-international.org