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Weekending: Saturday 2008 03 15


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Unsafe Practices http://www.walrusmagazine.com/
Walrus Magazine - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The next day, we arrive at the turquoise-walled courtyard of the Institute of Cultural Affairs in Mto wa Mbu to meet some of Luoga's local volunteers. ...
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Location: Dhaka

Larry arrived safely in Dhaka on 16 March. ICA Bangladesh is going to organize a three day Basic Training of Trainers ToT Applying facilitation to training in the Pacific Inn, Banani, Dhaka from 17 to 22 March 2008. Larry from Taiwan is the facilitator for the course designed for ICA Bangladesh capacity building. 10 persons are attending full time in this training.

Larry is going to facilitate two day training for UNAIDS Bangladesh's 25 team members on 19-20 March. ICA Taiwan is going to donate Larry's facilitation honorium  deducting expenses of his stay from 750US Dollar from UNAIDS to ICA Bangladesh to support Japan conference representation.



Location: Canada

Duncan Holmes taught 2 Group Facilitation courses for the British Colombia Ministry of Health.

Bill Staples led a 3 day training workshop for Service Canada in New Brunswick

John Miller Facilitated a strategy planning workshops with WEBS in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Jo Nelson Worked with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Thuinder Bay, Ontario.

Wayne Nelson        wnelson@ica-associates.ca    


Location: Kpando

Our project office at Kpando is in the process of relocating to a more spacious accommodation ideal for the new project on HIVAIDs which requires counselling of  People Living with Aids.

Under the leadership of the Project Officer Henry Akley, a team of resouce persons from the local Margaret Marquat Hospital and the District Social Welfare Office, a series of workshops on stigmatization have been taking place since last week for community leaders and PLWAs.

Yvonne Setorglo


Location: Chincha Earthquake Relief

The second temporary housing project closed out with a grand celebration of the 60 Promoters after completing their assigned 1800 houses this week.  That brings the total families assisted with a temporary house to 3,450, thanks to the funding secured by ICA-Japan from Japanese government funds. 

Kaoru Ito has returned to Japan to complete the arrangements for another round of service to the people, tentatively scheduled to begin 27 April. 

We also just confirmed a three-week Avanza Peru community leadership program for 30 March, in which we hope to have up to 10 new ICA staff prosects participate  Interviews are next Tuesday which should be a fun experience, as we have 24 Promoters who have applied to be part of our staff. 

We also just learned that Robyn Hutchinson will be with us for a week or two and will be playing a role in that exciting leadership program.  Meanwhile, a very large proposal was deliverd of more housing in Chincha, with another in process.  After all of this intensity, we are all looking forward to a few days of familiy time with Holy Week coming up next week.