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Weekending: Saturday 2008 03 08


Location: Chandpur

The 5th March 2008 - a great day of accomplishment of ICA Bangladesh is marked by the distribution of working gifts items in its human development project in Chandpur Ghoramara Asrayan Prokalpa Area. The official inauguration was attended by Deputy Secretary of the Government of Bangladesh and Chief Executive Officer of Chandpur District - Mr. Md. Fazlur Rahman was chief guest, Ms. Nicolien van Eisjden, Financial Controller of the Netherlands Embassy in Dhaka as special guest and her mother Elly van Eisjden as guest of honor. The meeting was presided over by Prof. Dr. A I Mahbub Uddin Ahmed, Chair of the Advisory Board of ICA Bangladesh.

The community received four sewing machines, two rickshaws, 30 children's school supplies, school uniforms, tube-wells in this event. The community is learning the ICA approaches and the chief guest found so effective for which he expressed to join our work and he will try his best in supporting ICA work in Chandpur during his tenure. Several newspapers reported the event. Aziz welcomed the audience of more than 100 including community men, women, children, press, local elites and ICA staffs and volunteers. ICA's community work got momentum from this project.

A Dutch film crew from 1We - One World Experience TV Broadcasting and Development Organization interviewed Aziz on 8 March at the Dutch Club in Dhaka as a positive character towards developing projects. Robbert, Fazila, Brigitte and Acarja appreciated Aziz's development work with various communities side by side his unversity teaching involving volunteers from university sector, business and other service. Aziz shared his vision of human development work, women empowerment, street children and child labor, landless people and slum and squatters.

ICA Bangladesh has got the list of school heads for distribution of tuition fees and measurement for cloths on 7 March. Shahina Akther Tithi is working on dressmaking for 100 parentless children victims of cyclone sidr. We are planning to go to teh project site - Sharonkhola, Chandpur on 26 March for distribution of TUC aid packages.

Aziz           admin@ica-bangladesh.org


Location: Canada

Jo Nelson returned from Thailand and Malaysia where she taught Group Facilitation and Facilitating conciliation. She taught our public Group Facilitation and Facilitated Planning courses in Toronto.

Bill Staples continues his work with Untied Way community leaders.  Bill is preparing to move his desk in order to accommodate our expanding ICA Canada staff. Liz Donnery has been named Ed of ICA Canada and Gabby Rsech  has joined the team as a new administrative assistant.

Wayne Nelson compleded half of his 14 week class at Sheridan College. Students have learned brainstorming, conversation, workshop, action planning and meeting planning methods. They began preparing for actual facilitation events.

Duncan Holmes is working with the Ontario Council for International Cooperation - a group of NGO's working in international development.

John Miller was called back again to work with the Ministry of Natural Resources as they continue work on watershed management.

Next week, our staff will be working in New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba and British Colombia.

Wayne Nelson           wnelson@ica-associates.ca

ITERLENG ICA South Africa:

Location: Johannesburg

Fisser and Thembi conducted a two - day training - Foundation for Personal Effectiveness from 2 - 3 March, 2008. The training aims to empower individuals to take charge of their lives and accept accountability for their development, to learn to interact and function optimally within a team. The training was funded by Palesa Consultants and a total of 75 First Year University Students around South Africa attended.

Muzi is travelling to Zambia this weekend for an HIV/AIDS training Programme.

Fisser Mpuka           icatrainings@telkomsa.ne



ICA Taiwan team of Gail, Shawn and Frieda conducted the Participatory Strategic Planning workshop with17 people five of them being new to the whole facilitation process. Dick and Gail hold many mentoring meetings with the participants in the Facilitation Certification Program.

Larry continues to work with regular clients across Asia this past month in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Larry joined Wayne, Shizuyo, Andrew and Mamiko in a program with their client in Japan while he and Laura were in the country working with one of their clients. Evelyn stayed in Japan for 10 days and helped edit English translation materials for the conference with the ICA Japan team and visited the Shizuoka Prefecture International Office with Shizuyo which received their support for the Japan 2008 Conference and an offer of 168 volunteer translators for the conference.

Dick, and Larry worked with senior client advisors in a two day ORID training program with a branch of an international bank. Gail and Shu Fang conducted an open space with the Kaoshiung City Social Welfare Department on how to care for elders with 95 volunteers. Our monthly Group Facilitation Methods meeting focused on the ICA competencies which stimulated both examples and discussion about the competencies.

We are discussing who might join the Japan 2008 subcommittees and how we can continue the discussions around the conference to best engage Taiwan and our contacts in Asia. How can we make these topics come alive so they speak to the real needs in this region?

Evelyn Kurihara Philbrook


Location: Montréal

It's been a full and busy week at the Secretariat. Hope that you all received the March Network Exchange on Monday.

This week, Sarah Farina secured a grant from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) for the staff training later this year, and has been busy planning for the training program.

Mike secured a provocative speaker - Robert Calderisi, a Montreal native and author of The Trouble with Africa: Why Foreign Aid Isn't Working - to join us for the official office opening in June (more details to follow).

We also held our weekly conference call with ICA Japan, and hope to have final costs ready to share with everyone next week.

Lambert has been working on financials and additional donor outreach.

Sarah Miller has been pulling together what is shaping up to be a great 2007 Annual Report.

Katie has been working with the auditor and we expect to have audited figures ready for inclusion in the report.

*We are also pleased to report that we have fulfilled our goal of USD$1500 so that ICA Tajikistan can purchase a generator to continue office operations. A big thank you to all who have chipped in!*

Staff           info@ica-international.org