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Weekending: Saturday 2008 02 16


Location: Dhaka

Office and staff proposal for ICA Bangladesh has been sent to some ICA colleagues in different countries in this week to find supporters. Aziz will send to more colleagues so that they can approach more funders partly or wholly.

On 14 February researchers met at Seminar Room of Dhaka University Sociology Department to develop a common parameters for studying the underlying causes of deforestation and forest degradation in Bangladesh under GFC fund. The proposals for three case studies - shal forest, mangrove forest and reserve forest were submitted on 13 February and reviewd. Prof. Mahbub, Prof. Nazrul, Mr. Sudibya Khisha, Aziz, Nazrul,  Saif, Naimul, Delwar, Mehdi were present.

On 15 Staff meeting was held with adviser Dr. Mahbub and decided to appoint a staff from 16 February based on previous board meeting with the approval of the general body. This appointment is temporary mainly for the GFC workshop arrangement.

Aziz            admin@ica-bangladesh.or


Location: Chincha Earthquake Recovery

As the houses built in Chincha pass 1100 this week, we received a very exciting unsolicited visit from a Spanish NGO who wants to assist in the Chincha rebuilding process.  We have been invited to submit a proposal to them for the adobe demonstration project which will establish safe and lasting adobe houses once again in Chincha.  We are also in the process of completing an official certification of ICA work in Peru, and completing a related proposal for 6,000 additional temporary houses in Chincha. 

In the midst of all of this intense work, our office facade is being painted a  joyful golden color after many years -- it's lovely!

Staff           admin@ica-peru.org

ITERLENG ICA South Africa:

Location: Johannesburg

Sanibonani Hello

We were busy with a session on measuring the impact of the Groot Marico Project, as well as strategising on Projects that we would like to undertake in the near future.

Loui Kubheka has been officially appointed Fundraising Manager, he holds a degree in Community Development from Wits Unirvesity and has worked for World Vision - South Africa as a Programmes Manager. He has 15 experience in fundraising.

We have also engaged on Part-Time basis Dr Chuma a Nutraceuticals Specialist with Ph.D, MBA, MS, PGD, Bs he is a Technical Advisor for Programmes and Proposal Develpment.

We sent our Annual Report 2007 to ICA-International.

Fisser and Shimmy are currently marketing in-house Participatory Strategic Planning Training targeting all South African NGOs.

Muzi and Eowynne from ICA-Canada had a phone conversation this week. We received 5tonnes of clothes from the South Africa Revenue Services to donate to the Groot Marico community in the North West Province.

Alexandra - HIVAIDS project- Muzi conducted a meeting with 5 ward counsellors from Alexandra, another meeting was schedulled for the 27th Feb where the counsellors will pledge their support. These ward counsellors will also serve  on the Advisory Committee for the project.-

A public campaign on sensitizing the community of Alexandra about the sourge of HIV/AIDS will be conducted today 15Feb  and this will also serve as a platform to introduce the Youth as Facilitative Leaders 2008 Alex NO! HIVAIDS Stigma project, to the wider community. -Loui Kunheka has been visiting schools preparing for the Dialogues to be conducted with the Youth.

Muzi Mbonani           mbonanim.ica@telkomsa.net


Location: UK

This week saw another GFM being delivered in Manchester by Martin and David, and attended by Clare, our Administrator.

Amelia has been catching up with project work and fundraising.

Jonathan has resubmitted our application to the Big Lottery Fund for HIVAIDS in Africa.

Jonathan Dudding


Location: Montréal

Katie worked on finalizing the financial statements for this year, meeting with auditors to complete the process.

The Global Task Force on Youth Participation now has an interactive website for sharing ideas.  To join the Task Force, contact Michael Watson mwatson@ica-international.org

Lambert and Sarah gave a presentation about ICAI and the work of ICAs around the world at the invitation of Lamberts church.  Most participants for the National ICA Staff Training program are now registered and have completed pre-training surveys.  A number of ICA colleagues have volunteered their time to share ICA history, values and methods with the participants.  Anyone interested in supporting the training participants can make a contribution to scholarships at www.workinggifts.org/store/country/country-international.htm

Sarah Farina           sfarina@ica-international.org