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Weekending: Saturday 2008 02 09


Location: Dhaka

Four colleagues - Aziz, Mahbub Sir, Naimul and Costa da from ICA Bangladesh attended Nicolien's birthday party at Dutch Club on 8 February. Nicolien introduced other colleagues in that party.

On 9 February at 4pm ICA Bangladesh organized a discussion meeting for the GFC-funded National Workshop on the Underlying Causes Project. 20 Participants joined the meeting held at Seminar Room of Sociology Dept. of Dhaka University.

For Sidr-affected parentless children project under TUC aid, ICA Bangladesh team is going to visit Bagerhat and Barguna in the 2nd or 3rd week of February. One volunteer - Indrajit has reached on 8 February in Bagerhat and has been doing situation analysis and identification of target children based on school records and community consultation.

Aziz           admin@ica-bangladesh.org


Location: Kathmandu

This week we conducted a meeting of the executive committee in which all the members were present. The meeting was held to review one year long activities of 2007. The secretary informed about the year long projects and activities and the treasurer shared about the year long income and expenses. Fianlly, one year long activities for 2008 has been planned. The meeting also decided to celebrate 10 year anniversary and on that occasion a book will be published covering ICA Nepal's activities.

Atma Rm Timsina


Location: Chincha Earthquake Relief Project

We had a very intense 6-day visit from Wayne Ellsworth from ICA-Japan reviewing the present project, doing some training for the project Promoters and developing the next steps for the project.  The nationally-known mayor of Chincha spent Sunday afternoon with us to move the project forward, and we met with three important funding agencies in search of appropriate funding.  It now appears that there are some Japanese funds already in Peru which could be applied to the major 10 proposals for three year continuity of the project, and further investigation of this source is in process.  Meanwhile, another 300 plus houses were built in the heat of a Chincha summer.  Altogether, a very productive week!

Staff           admin@ica-peru.org


Location: UK

Following our AGM you can download our 2007 Annual Report and Accounts from www.ica-uk.org.uk and see a video of our Youth Work at www.facebook.com contact me for exact web addresses.

Jonathan Dudding


Location: Montréal

Sarah Farina has been receiving pre-training survey submissions from several ICAs, and encourages people who have not yet submitted to do so soon. Curriculum for the training program is being developed now, based on needs identified in the survey.

The ICAI Youth Participation Task Force is now underway on the web! Anyone who is interested in contributing but has not yet become involved is asked to please email Mike for details.

Lambert met some interesting people and enjoyed interesting dialogue while participating Friday in the Montreal International Forum workshop on civil society participation for regional multilateralism.

A big thanks to everyone who has worked hard to send in their organizational information for the Annual Report! We have received many, and urge those who have not yet sent to please do so soon, in order to ensure a complete report on the activities of ICA International in 2007.

Katie recruited a couple of great volunteer photographers to come by the office this week, so look forward to a lovely portrait of Lambert this year.

Katie Burke           katie@ica-international.org