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Weekending: Saturday 2008 02 02


Location: Chandpur

On 1st February ICA Bangladesh hosted a community meeting in its human development project, Ghoramara Asrayan Prokalpa, Chandpur. Naimul welcomed all and introduced each other and did an ORID reflecting what did happen in the community with ICA. Manik uttered the values of Community and ICA reminding all to be aware, and Aziz discussed with all about the vision and action we made in last year followed by the Working Gifts Program. It went so nicely with more than 30 participants. The meeting came up with concrete propsoals regarding school, sewing machine, rickshaw and tubewell.

Aziz met with Prof. Mahbub on 3rd February and checked all formalities for GFC workshop.

Naimul, Fuad and Aziz had a meeting for work plan and file management. They ordered a file cabinet for organizing files. They also acknowledged deeply to ICA Australia for their offer to pay ICAI dues considering our lack fo funds. Fuad is going to give 1 month full time as volunteer in february 2008 and he has been working.



Location: Chincha Earthquake Recovery

The temporary houses are going up even faster than in the previous project inspite of the intense heat of this season, due to the enthusiasm of this new group of 60 Promoters trained by the ICA in early January. 

Wayne Ellsworth arrived to conduct some workshops with the Promoters, and to plan on several future projects being considered for Chincha. 

The staff has been wondering what it would be like to make Chincha with its 120,000 impoverished population a model city for Peru.  It will be interesting to see what we can do with this idea as we conduct top level meetings with funding agencies in Lima next week..



Location: UK

We ran the first open ToP courses of 2008 in London this week- Jonathan leading the Introduction to Group Facilitation and Martin and Lesley delivering the GFM.

Amelia was working on designing new YPP sessions and delivering others and advertising for groups to go through a one-day plan-it-yourself session to mobilise young people to develop and implement their own projects

Jonathan Dudding           jdudding@ica-uk.org


Location: Montréal

It's been a busy start of the year at your secretariat!

We love using a new project management site www.basecamphq.com, which allows us to stay on top of who's doing what, no matter where we are. We are now using the site for the Conference Planning Team, as well as the HIV and AIDS Task Force and new Youth Participation Task Force.

Katie has been working hard to get FY07 finances in shape and we're thrilled that the audit is already underway.

We are pulling together the 2007 Annual Report and 2008 Directory, as well as the March Network Exchange. French and Spanish translations of our website have been completed by volunteer translators, and are in the process of being uploaded, so that our online presence contains our 3 official languages.

This week we have also been in touch with our colleagues in Benin, Togo, and Ghana about the proposed West Africa Study Tour later this year. We also reviewed a draft Memorandum of Understanding with ICA Canada, to ensure excellent coordination here in our host country.

The Stories Project Advisory Committee met this week, and we will be pulling together a draft story-gathering template by the end of February.

The Conference Planning Committee has designed a number of sub-committees, to be announced in an email next week, which will help implement specific aspects of the conference.

We completed a draft Handbook for the Board of Directors, which includes board operating policies and procedures, and submitted this to the Board for review.

Everyone has also been working intensively on outreach and follow-up with donors, partners, key conference invitees, potential speaker series speakers...

A few reminders:

* THANK YOU to all who promptly completed the 2007 Annual Report / 2008 Directory form. Thanks to you, we are going to have a great Annual Report! In order to expedite the Report, if you have not yet submitted the form, please do so asap.

* MARCH NETWORK EXCHANGE stories are due 8 February. We all look forward to your stories!

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