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Weekending: Saturday 2008 01 28


Location: New Zealand

Aotearoa, Auckland, New Zealand, the land of the long white cloud, was the venue for ICA Australia's January gathering. Our New Zealand colleagues, Michelle and Helen along with their Maori colleagues, organised a spirit event to be remembered! The traditional Maori welcome to 40 people onto the marae, meeting place, began a 24 hour transformative journey, where we were immersed in Maori tradition. We sat, ate, listened to stories, shared our ancestry, explored tetanga, rites and rituals which sustain us, and were serenaded with traditional Maori musical instruments, as we slept.

This heralded a week of deep engagement, sharing our knowledge, and planning for the future. It provided the perfect context for 2 days of further developing ourToP Facilitated Leadership Training Program.  This was followed by our AGM and celebration, which led into two more days focussing on the Global Local Partnerships, ending with our Board meeting.  The video clip 'Blessed Unrest' see link on website, and the new DVD, reminded us of of the larger we, and our own journeys. Highlights of ICAA planning, included, the strong focus on supporting capacity building in Timor Leste, our Indigenous communites and our role in the Asia-Pacific region. Look out for a full report in due course, in Pacific Waves.

Robyn Hutchinson           rjhutchinson@optusnet.com.au                       Larger pictures


Location: Dhaka

On 24 January the first monthly taskforce meeting January 2008 was held at Hunger Free World Bangladesh Office and facilitated by Selina, Aziz and Prof. Mahbub. Fourteen participants were in the meeting. At 530 pm Selina did welcome to all participants and introduced each other. She also briefly discussed the context of the meeting. At 600 pm, Aziz briefly reviewed the 9 action areas and 4 broad working areas following the strategic plan. He also highlighted the accomplishments in 2007 and action plan for 2008, the history of ICA and support of Maria and Richard and Nicolien and other ICA colleagues and he later highlighted the planned activities for January-March quarter of 2008.

The taskforces developed some program implementation designs for the funds raised through working gift program, TUC aid for sidr affecetd children and the GFC national workshop and UNAIDS facilitation training and capacity building ToT training of ICA Bangladesh.

For GFC workshop, 9th February is fixed for field work study design development. It will be held at Dhaka University.Naimul, Aziz and Professor Mahbub had a meeting on 25th about the travel plan for Sidr aid project and Chandpur Ghoramara project visit.

Aziz           admin@ica-bangladesh.org


Location: Canada

We spent 2 days with Mark Jowett and put the finishing touches on our plan to open an office in Ottawa. Having an office in the national capital and one of Canada's IT centres will provide us great opportunities. To see a pic of Mark, please visit our site at http://ica-associates.ca

Jo Nelson worked with Griffin Centre and with the community of Malton. She conducted a 6 month Action Review with the Cree School Board. Since the meeting was held in Montreal, Katie Burke and Michael Watson were able to observe the facilitation process in a live setting.

Duncan Holmes facilitated a workshop for ASPECT in Brittish Colombia.

Bill Staples led a strategic planning workshop with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Health.

John Miller taught Facilitation Basics to an Ontario Public Service group.

Christine Wong took a leave of absence of a month to schedule necessary surgery and recovery.

Wayne Nelson           wnelson@ica-associates.ca


Location: Chincha Alta earthquake relief

All 60 of the new Promoters are now trained and building houses toward the 1800 additional temporary houses included in this second proposal through ICA-Japan.  Kaoru Ito has returned from a brief trip to Japan and we are preparing for the visit of Wayne Ellsworth who is coming from Japan to work with us for 6 days.  Meanwhile a new set of ten proposals is being prepared for the next projects in Chincha as we try to take seriously the task of rebuilding a city of 120,000 people.  These are wonderful challenges for ICA methods to meet!

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Location: UK

Last weekend we held our Annual General Meeting in London, attended by all ICAUK staff, most of the Board, and a good selection of members and participants from the Youth Programme. In addition to the formal business, the theme of the day was on young people, and it was great to see the energy, enthusiasm and commitment of young people touched by our programme, and who have gone on to do great things as a result.

The AGM also saw the retirement of Alan Berresford from the ICAUK Board after more years' contribution than most of us can remember. Fortunately he is not disappearing altogether and he will be back in March to facilitate a strategic planning weekend for staff and Board. We look forward to developing a new relationship with him.

Jonathan Dudding           jdudding@ica-uk.org