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Weekending: Saturday 2008 01 19


Location: Dhaka

Larry and Aziz have fixed the schedule for two day training for 24 UNAIDS staff on 2-3 April 2008. Based on discussion with Maguires and Aziz, the progra was designed for two levels, now merged into one customizing their need. Aziz and Costa had a meeting on 19 January to discuss about the first site visit for the Sidr aid from Japan through Wayne. ICA Bangladesh will implement the amount of 6000 to support 100 parentless chidlren focusing their educational needs. They are planning to go to two most affected districts-Bagerhat and Barguna in the last week of this month. They also met on 13 January and reviewed the Sidr proposal.

Alamgir, Naimul and Aziz had a management meeting on 13 January and organized some office papers for the monthly taskforce meeting. The first meeting of 2008 is scheduled to be held on 24 January thursday at 5-8pm at Hunger Free World Office meeting room. All members, advisers, faculties, associates, volunteers and steering coomiittee members are expected to join the monthly meeting.

Naimul and Naznin are going to Ghoramara project area on the ocassion of the first community meeting on 25 January. Naznin expects to do a topographic survey in the comunity.

Aziz           admin@ica-bangladesh.org


Location: Youth as Facilitative Leaders

YFL held its first public course of 2008, Tools for Teamwork,  on January 12th with 16 participants aged 17 to 28. This was the launch of the new Tools for Teamwork which has been revised according to the curriculum review sessions held with youth in the fall of 2007. The participants were an enthusiastic and insightful group. We learned as much from them as they did from us!

Leah           ltaylor@icacan.ca



John Miller taught another Facilitation Basics course to members of the Ontario Public Service. We have a standing offer with the Ontario Government to do several training courses in facilitation and conflict resolution. The conflict resolution courses are taught by one of our associates, Janine Higgins. She's a lawyer who focuses on dispute resloution and uses ToP methods in her practice. She's a ToP Trainer.

Bill Staples facilitated workshops with the Mississauga Halton Community Care Access Centre and Access Aliance - both heath care organizations. He  is teaching a series of community developmeent modules with community and United Way agency leaders in a series of neighbourhoods targeted by the city as in the greatest need for intensified social programming.

Jo Nelson taught Meetings that Work and Group Facilitation in Toronto. She aslo facilitated another meeting of the Malton community development initiative. She is guiding a group working in a multicultural industrial neighborhood near the airport.

Wayne Nelson is working on an inital draft of a ToP Facilitation website. It will be ready for your feedback near the end of January. If you have suggestions about a global ToP facilitation website, please contact me. This first draft will be somewhat minimal, so please be thinking of what we really need to include in a site that will promote ToP as a major approach to facilitation and be a place ToP facilitators can learn, share resources and continue to build this body of knowledge and practice.

Wayne also began teaching the yearly facilitation course in the Community Outreach and Development Worker program at Sheridan College.

Wayne Nelson           wnelson@ica-associates.ca


Location: Peru and Mexico and Japan

ICA Japan with ICA Peru
In collaboration with ICA Peru, ICA Japan is continuing the community building through the construction of the temporal houses in Chincha Alta district in the coastal Peru. Five months have passed since the August 15th earthquake, but many people are still living in miserable condition. By the middle of March we are planning to finish 1,800 temporal houses made of bamboo mats. Through the project we expect not only to improve their living condition, but also fortify the sense of neighborhood.

Last week all the local leaders selected for this project finished their leadership school in ICA Peru's training center. Now it's time for them to facilitate their community members to construct the houses in a cooperative way. Meanwhile, our task is to motivate them and provide the material in a timely manner.

ICA Japan in Mexico
Visits to recipients households continue to suprise and please us with the extent of what they have learned, the volume of what they are putting to use, and the generosity of their sharing their newly acquiried skills with their neighbors.  Their self esteem is blossoming, their income continues to rise, and their families have abundantly supported these developing women.

ICA Staff


Location: Chincha Alta

The earthquake relief project in Chincha Alta was such a huge success in late 2007 that the Japanese government released, through ICA-Japan, another 250,000 dollars of emergency aid to build 1,800 more temporary homes by March 15th.  As of this week, Jesusa Aburto and Gloria Santos have completed the training of all 60 of the new Promoters, and once again it was amazing to experiece the transformation of the people after 5 days of comprehensive leadership training in the ICA residential Training Center in Azpitia.  Now half of the model homes are already built, with full-scale construction getting under way next week.  This project is name Project of Rebirth and it is certianly looking like it will live up to the promise of that name.

Staff           admin@ica-peru.org