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Weekending: Saturday 2008 01 05


Location: Dhaka

Prof. Mahbub, Mr. Farid and Aziz consulted for revision of GFC proposal and Aziz sent the revised proposal to Sandy on 5 January.

Aziz, Manik, Kabir, Alamgir and Naimul met on 5 January for accounts management. They completed financial records for the last three events. Larry, Richard, Maria and Aziz are designing the Program for UNAIDS Bangladesh training program based on the discussion among Dr. Lazeena, Farida, Aziz and the Maguires and proposed the dates in February 5-9, 2008 for two training facilitation services. Teh proposal is sent on 5th January for feedback.

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Location: Chincha Alta Earthquake Relief

The 1,650 houses are completed in Chincha Alta, and a great closing celebration was held on 22 December with wonderful reflections from the 60 Promoters who coordinated the work.  At the same time we received approval for the next project -- to build 1800 more houses in just 10 weeks beginning 2 January.  The money has already been transferred, so we are up to our ears in the practical task of managing such a huge project on a very short timeline.  However, the changed live that will result from it will be ample motivation for our small staff! 

Happy New Year to all!

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